I just became aware over the last few days of this development and am shocked. I have worked with Gregg on DEN-related issues for 13 years. Over that tiem he had counseled hundreds of students, faculty, staff and UV community members on every imaginable aspect of entrepreneurship with professionalism, ethics, and clear independent judgment. He has also fostered the development (or amplification) of a network of Dartmouth alumni excited about giving back to the College by helping Gregg and his charges. Gregg’s contributions to entrepreneurship at the Colelge should be additive to the OETT’s initiatives, and not seen as a rival or counterweight.

Mark Stein ’83

- Concord, MA

I took his class as a student at Tuck (T11), and it let to an enhanced career path, and view of new business. I have continued to attend DEN events largely because of his class. When perspective students ask about entrepreneurship Fairbrothers gives my answer meaning and credibility.

Ross Guida

- Boston, MA

Prof. Fairbrothers is one of the most talented and commited faculty in the whole school. He has been a mentor and resource for me, is highly accomplished, a great person, and a great and commited teacher. Losing him would be a huge loss to Dartmouth.

Zachary Kratochvil

- Hanover, NH

Gregg’s influence goes well beyond Tuck. While Chair (2009-2012) of Leadership Upper Valley, a program of Vital Communities, I invited Gregg to join discussions on leadership, creativity and entrepreneurial initiative. After each session in which he participated, the group gave a resounding, “Wow! I will surely remember what Gregg shared with us.” The same was true while I chaired the Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce. Gregg’s passion to educate and to raise the bar for identifying paths to grow organizations, products and services – whether for-profit or not-for-profit – is something Tuck should cherish. To those at Tuck who made the decision not to continue availing itself of Gregg’s unique talents and skills, I say, “Reconsider.” Sometimes, we make decisions hastily or without knowing all of the influencing factors. Robert Frost said: “Always fall in with what you’re asked to accept. Take what is given, and make it over your way. My aim in life has always been to hold my own with whatever’s going. Not against: with.” Go with the flow. Not against it. Doug Wise ’59

Douglas Wise

- Grantham, NH

Although I am lacking all the information I would like to have, it currently appears to me that the action taken in terminating this professor has something to do with his politics and/or his willingness to speak his mind. As an ardent advocate of free speech (especially unpopular speech), I see this action as dangerous. Therefore, I cannot support this action at this time. It seems from all the glowing statements of former students that this professor has made real contributions to the Dartmouth community. Diversity of thought and speech should be celebrated, not condemned.

roland walker

- palm springs, CA

I am an incoming student who does not want to see one of the MBA program’s most desirable assets leave for “political reasons”. At least give the community more clarity!

Will Silton

- Cambridge, MA

Gregg has been an important asset for our small entrepreneurial company, an important contact to set up our company, and a continuing advocate/advisor for advancing our research into productive applications. Gregg has been an invaluable advisor for moving into the phase post-adademia.

Ann Flood

- Lyme, NH

The administration is always wrong

Tyler Ray

- Hanover, NH

Gregg has been an incredible mentor for me throughout the years

Dennis Lally

- New York, NY

As a Tuck ’10 interested in pursuing a career in venture capital and entrepreneurship, as well as in my capacity as Co-Chair of Tuck’s Entrepreneurship Club, Gregg was and has been an invaluable mentor and resource. It would be a shame for Dartmouth to lose his energy, experience, connections, and passion for helping grow the entrepreneurial community at the school – especially given Dartmouth’s recent investment in entrepreneurial programs.

Alex Rosati

- Portland, ME

He was a mentor to me throughout my time at Dartmouth. Removing him from the DEN is a disgrace.

Tristan Morris

- Winston Salem, NC

He taught me. He is a great teacher and truly an asset Dartmouth must keep!

Kellie Katako

- Accra, Ghana

Gregg has taught me more about business than I could have ever hoped to learn in 2 years.

Renata Watts

- Hanover, NH

I have come to Gregg’s open office hours perhaps 6 times in the 20 years that I graduated from the College–for advice, for reality-checking, for networking. He is by far the most plugged-in, straight-shooting, and genuinely caring individual I know. His ability to help you think through the implications of your hare-brained ideas is profoundly useful and he should not be allowed to leave Dartmouth.

Douglas Campbell

- Lebanon, NH

Dartmouth 1990

Kurt Carpenter

- Old Tappan, NJ

He has had a tremendously positive influence on devloping intelligent and effective entrapunurial activities at Dartmouth and has been a very excellent source of infomrmation and support for literally hundreds of studenst, faculty and staff. I have personallu beenfited many times from his frank and effective advice. He is always willing to help and does so very effectively whether it is advice on a specific question or finding a contact. He has greatly enhanced the leevl of devlopment on campus. It would be a tragedy to lose him.

Harold Swartz

- Lyme, NH

Great Professor

Thomas Wilson

- Hanover, NH

I have seen the impact Prof. Fairbrothers has had on student orgs (DENu, etc) as well as student ventures. Although I have not personally had the opportunity to work with him, I know that his role on campus is central to Dartmouth’s mission of learning both in and outside of the classroom.

Catherine O’Sullivan

- Hanover, NH

Greg is a fine teacher.

Susan Linsey

- Hanover, NH

I have known Gregg for 15 years primarily in the capacity of an advisor to my company, Microwave Imaging System Technologies, Inc. Gregg has been invaluable in a range of roles, from advisor, assisting in negotiating international contracts, interviewing summer interns and potential CEO’s. Gregg has the courage to give you the bad news when you’d really rather not hear it and always seems to ask the right questions. I haven’t always agreed with Gregg, but his judgement is always sound. He has always had Dartmouth’s and my interests at heart. In fact, this week I will begin negotiating the possible sale of my company. I wouldn’t think of having anyone else advising me on how to structure it. Gregg has also gotten me involved in sponsoring projects in the Zubkoff business in medicine course and we have also sponsored two summer interns through the Foster Center for Private Equity. MIST has certainly benefited from the interaction with Dartmouth through Gregg and I think Dartmouth has also benefited. This is one instance where it is important for Dartmouth to carefully re-consider its options. Gregg gives far more to Dartmouth than he gets back. This will be a loss for the community.

Paul Meaney

- Norwich, VT

I took Fairbrothers’ entrepreneurship course and I learned so much! It would be a shame if other Dartmouth students weren’t given the same opportunity.

Jeremy Baskin

- Hanover, NH

Gregg has accomplished so much for the E-ship community. Dartmouth needs Gregg’s experience and thought leadership to drive E-ship efforts forward at Dartmouth.

James Chin

- Hanover, NH

I loved the Intro to E-ship course at Tuck and I’m a big fan of Prof. Fairbrothers, who was always accessible and extremely knowledgeable.

Andrea Brito

- Lafayette, CO

I attended Tuck and Fairbrothers was one of the best/most involved members of the faculty.

William Vincent

- Williamstown, MA

Professor Fairbrothers has mentored myself and my partners in a number of start-up business ventures. He is THE reason the Dartmouth entreprenurial scene is growing and flourishing. His departure would set us back to square one.

Michael Saltzman

- Hanover, NH

Gregg’s IENT class was the best experience in my life and it didn’t stop after the class finished. Every conversation I’ve had with Gregg has changed the way I think about my field and my future. His critical view and entrepreneurial spirit is unsurpassed. He is a tremendous mentor and advocate. Tuck and Dartmouth need more people like him, not fewer. Dartmouth must maintain Prof. Fairbrothers!!

Carsten Schwerdtfeger

- Etna, NH

Greg is an invaluable asset to the entrepreneurial spirit of the Dartmouth Business School, and an indispensable asset of the Dartmouth community.

Ivan Tomasic

- Allston, MA

As an alumn I want the best for the Tuck shool.

William Olgiati

- Paris, France

A great professor who hugely impacted this campus. He doesn’t deserve to be removed from his job for all the positive things he has done not only for Dartmouth but for the Hanover community

dan henggeler

- hanover, NH

Faculty hiring decisions should not be made on the political beliefs. This fundamental principle of academic freedom is tarnished when faculty is let go for unclear reasons.

Julian Bangert

- Hanover, NH

He directly helped me and my co-inventor through the process of patenting our intellectual property. couldn’t have done it without him.

joan morris

- hartford, VT

Prof. Fairbrothers has has a very positive influence on both my academic and extracurricular experiences at Dartmouth.

Colbert Ye

- Hanover, NH

Dartmouth can’t afford to lose such quality teachers

John Lewis

- Porterville, CA

He’s integral to the College.

Sean Milich

- San Francisco, CA

Gregg is an incredible resource, and losing him would be a travesty on a campus that claims to value entrepreneurship.

Mike Urbach

- San Francisco, CA

Gregg Fairbrothers, during the nine years that I have known him, has always made the welfare of his students and his dedication to teaching his prime mission. He mentors, supports, nurtures and challenges his students to bring out the very best in each and everyone. Yes, he has accomplished a lot during his time at Dartmouth (DEN and the DRTC), but his greatness as a teacher is what distinguishes Gregg, and it is certainly what the College cannot afford to lose. If Dartmouth really wants to ‘walk the walk’ of excellence in teaching and experiential learning, then allow Gregg to continue working with students.

William Nisen

- Lebanon, NH

Gregg is the driving force behind teaching entrepreneurship at Dartmouth and Tuck. He is an outstanding teacher, mentor and motivator and has pulled together alumni to help each other through the unique DEN organizations around the country. He exemplifies teaching and mentoring at Dartmouth.

Jim Bullion

- Millis, MA

GF helped me start an entrepreneurial business.

Andrew Hodgdon

- Newton, MA

I hope that Tuck could reconsider its decision of not inviting Professor Gregg Fairbrothers back to Tuck in the fall to teach Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Advanced Entrepreneurship. Professor Fairbrothers was the advisor for my MEM summer internship in 2006, and I believe Professor Fairbrothers embodied the caring and supportive culture at Tuck and Dartmouth. One year after I graduated from MEM, I lost all of my course folders while re-installing my laptop, including the internship write-ups that I spent over two months working on. After Professor Fairbrothers heard about this, he forwarded me over ten emails with all my weekly progress reports and monthly milestones of my internship project. He said that he never deletes students’ reports because they record our growth. I was extremely touched by this, not only because he had saved all of my work, but also because he was so proactive in taking time to preserve and then send me things that had no urgency or relevance to his current professorship. I can’t say that I’ve personally encountered another professor who was so invested in all of his students, past and present – it is truly a special quality of Professor Fairbrothers. Professor Fairbrothers certainly had a positive impact on me and I believe on many other students who are ambitious to make a change in their community as well. I understand that the Innovation Center and New Venture Incubator will soon open at Dartmouth, and the management structure can change during this process, but I believe that Professor Fairbrothers is an asset to Tuck, and I hope that Tuck can, at the very least, let him continue to have the joy of teaching and impacting students’ lives.

Wei Xing MEM ’07, Tuck ’16

- Beijing, China

Professor Fairborthers is

Chhavi Arora

- New York City, NY

I have worked closely with Gregg Fairbrothers and have seen firsthand is intense dedication to his students, the field of entrepreneurship, and to Dartmouth. He is a remarkable person and teacher.

Lorin Rees

- boston, MA

Gregg has been a great help in setting me on my entrepreneurial path. I still rely on many of the insights that I learned in conversations with him. It would be a great loss if he doesn’t continue educating entrepreneurs at Dartmouth.

Elnor Rozenrot

- Tel Aviv, Israel

I am one of the alums who took Prof. Fairbrothers’ Intro to Entrepreneurship course this past winter and found it absolutely invaluable as I start my business. Prof. Fairbrothers is huge asset to Dartmouth and should be kept on!

Liz Nehdi

- London, United Kingdom

Gregg is one of the best professor’s I have ever had

Edgar Pastran

- Greenwich, CT

Gregg convinced me to enter and win the Tuck Business Plan competition…the beginning of my lifelong obsession with entrepreneurship that has included four companies, dozens of employees, and a Fulbright Scholarship devoted to entrepreneurial research. Losing him would be a huge loss, letting him go a grave mistake.

Brett Martin

- Ocean City, MD

Professor Gregg Fairbrothers epitomizes what Dartmouth stands for. He helps Dartmouth students and alums learn how to use their ideas and their creativity to change the world.

Frank Miele

- Forney, TX

The entrepreneurship intro course was wonderful!

Dora Currea

- Washington, DC

Gregg is has been an exceptional mentor to me, without his support I would not have gotten as far as I have with my business. Gregg we need you!

Samuel Alexander

- Hanover, NH

Professor Gregg is a wonderful man, leader, mentor, and professor who should stay at Dartmouth.

Gretchen Herrick

- Saratoga Springs, NY

He is my professor at Tuck during 2008-2010.

Stone Shi

- Shanghai, China

Gregg has been instrumental in helping us create a spin off company with the assistance of Dartmouth. His DEN courses and shared knowledge have been a wonderful resource for students, faculty and staff at Dartmouth

Joshua Nelson

- Claremont, NH

Gregg is a talented, dedicated teacher and mentor. Having benefited personally from Gregg’s mentoring and teaching, I believe he is a great asset to Dartmouth – both Tuck students and the broader alumni community.

Andrea Strimling Yodsampa

- Lexington, MA

As a Ph.D. student who is now working on management consulting and innovation, I benefited tremendously from Gregg’s entrepreneurship class and deeply appreciate that he made his class open to the whole campus. It was the eye opening experience and the first bridge for me to link science to business.

Huan Liu

- New York, NY

I know colleges and universities, like businesses, have tough decisions to make, but the link between the US and global business community and Dartmouth college that Professor Fairbrothers has forged is potentially critical to the future of the college in an ever-increasingly competitive environment. I truly hope the college will take another hard look at the practical impact of Fairbrothers and his DEN program.

Steven Lipscomb

- Santa Fe, NM

Gregg was the most influential mentor from my Dartmouth experience. I don’t know of any single faculty or staff who has done more for the Dartmouth community than Gregg. It would be an incredible mistake to let him go.

Taylor Thompson

- , MA

I learned a lot in Gregg’s eship class and I appreciate his efforts to keep alumni together. Dartmouth and Tuck are better because of Gregg and his departure would be a loss going forward – not good for the alumni community.

Bennett Collier

- San Diego, CA

I graduated from Tuck in 2006 and had the pleasure of working closely with Gregg on a multi-million dollar negotiation between the DHMC and a medical device vendor. Gregg inspired me and his dedication to Dartmouth, Tuck and students is unparalled. The administrations of Dartmouth and Tuck owe the community transparent reasons for why they pushed Gregg out.

Csaba Nagy

- Mississauga, ON, Canada

Gregg is a critical link in Dartmouth’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Lee Bouyea

- South Burlington, VT

He is a big influence on my life.

charlotte sitiles

- manhasset, NY

Professor Fairbrothers has been a tremendous asset to the DEN network; he’s provided support and guidance to our Chicago chapter for years. To lose his leadership and contributions would be a terrible loss for entrepreneurship at Dartmouth and the extended Dartmouth community.

John Zappa

- Chicago, IL

400 companies have come out of the DEN! Come on!

Andrea Perez

- Portland, OR

Professor Gregg Fairbrothers is a renown teacher at tuck. His entrepreneurship lab is a reason that many students choose Tuck to be THE school over others. For a Chinese student like me, i seek MBA as a way to equip myself not only with skills and education in management, but also the spirit of entrepreneurship and strategies to do my own business in the future. Prof. Gregg Fairbrothers is a well respected professor and it will be a big loss if Tuck lost him. Ying Li, T’16

Li Ying

- China

Gregg is one of the reasons I choose Tuck to study. I’ve heard about him building entrepreneurship network for students and I was particularly touched by his care to international students. He was well known in Chinese alum community for mentoring and he kinda represents the Tuck spirit of collaborative and reflective. It will be a big loss for not having him with me in the next 2 years! Angela He, Tuck 16

HE Angela

- China, Hong Kong

I graduated Dartmouth in 2009 and though I never had a class with Professor Fairbrothers my informal meetings with him were invaluable in navigating a career path.

Chris McCune

- Orchard Park, NY

Gregg changed my life with his teaching and mentorship and helped me to develop my entrepreneurial passion.

Shane Douglas

- San Francisco, CA

Prof Fairbrothers took time on reunion weekend to talk with me about an idea I had for a product. He was incredibly helpful and informative. I have attended DEN meetings and found them interesting and amazing for networking and learning. I audited the Entrepreneuership Class that he teaches and found it fascinating and informative. Losing him would be a tragedy!

Wendy Harris


This would represent a major loss. Without a natural start-up association, or being based in SF or Boston, it’s that much more important for Tuck to maintain it’s international ranking by having a strong entrepreneurship story, and prof. Fairbrothers is central to that.

John Lojek

- London, United Kingdom

I’ve started two companies and been named one of Inc Magazine’s Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30. I am not exaggerating when I say that I couldn’t have done that with Gregg. Dartmouth students and alums need him.

Maia Josebachvili

- New York, NY

I have seen Gregg Fairbrothers in action with students and alumni and found his commitment to “learning for impact” unmatched. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and, in meetings with him and others, he has displayed practical wisdom derived from long years of experience and developing others.

Kadita “A.T.” Tshibaka

- Spotsylvania, VA

Gregg Fairbrothers has been an asset to Tuck and to the College. At a time when Dartmouth needs her best faculty more than ever, we should be keeping Prof. Fairbrothers.

Michael Fried

- Lexington, KY

Professor Fairbrothers’ Intro to Entrepreneurship Course was the most important class I experienced while at Dartmouth. It has changed the way I looked at the world– from something static to something moldable! Thank you Professor Fairbrothers!

Mary Scott Cain

- Hanover, NH

Fairbrothers brings real world experience to the class room and I personally saw him push two startups into success that had no chance other wize

richard dyroff

- hanover, NH

I’m an Entrepreneur, a Recovering VC and an Adjunct Professor in Entrepreneurship at UVA. Gregg Fairbrothers is the guy I’ve learned the most from about how to be good at all of those roles. He’s a national treasure. If I could pick ONE Professor to have in the room with me, anywhere, anytime, in front of any audience – Fairbrothers is that Professor. Hands-down, no questions, Period. End of discussion.”

Brendan Richardson
Professor of Entrepreneurship - UVA


This man changed my life! He met with me in his free time to listen to not only my entrepreneurial plans but also my general future plans. Dartmouth will not have been the same, nor as impactful had it not been for Professor Fairbrothers. I am a ’12 and I am already pursuing my own businesses in my home country thanks to Professor Fairbrothers.

Mbumbijazo Katjivena
Dartmouth Student ‘12


I audited Professor Fairbrother’s e-ship class. Professor F. treated me with so much respect and honesty, and never made me feel like an outsider as a MALS student. Professor F. is a great teacher and an asset to Dartmouth.

Zachary Williams
MALS Graduate Student


Professor Fairbrothers has helped me find my place within the entrepreneurial food space. In his intro to e-ship class I learned I needed to “kill the baby” aka. abandon my original business plan because it wasn’t a viable strategy. Now, as my FYP advisor he has helped lead our group to a strategy that will allow our founder to launch her business this summer. Professor Fairbrothers’ connections, knowledge, teachings, and advice have helped me become a better overall manager in and out of an entrepreneurial company.

Erica Johnston
Tuck MBA Student ‘15


Gregg is an outstanding mentor, gifted teacher and an inspiration for all of us on the faculty. He embodies all the best about experiential learning and translational research at Dartmouth. Letting Gregg go would be a huge loss to the Dartmouth community. Lisa Schwartz & Steven Woloshin Professors of Medicine & Community and Family Medicine, Dartmouth Medical School and Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice.

Steven Woloshin
Professor - Dartmouth Medical School


Professor Fairbrothers was my favorite professor at Tuck, and his commitment to his students, both while at Tuck and after graduation, is unparalleled. His class was my favorite, and he spent considerable time with students both in and out of the classroom. He taught entrepreneurship through experiential learning, and he inspired students. He was always looking for feedback on his courses and ways to improve, even coming down to NY to meet with students after graduation to see what enhancements he could make to the program. He is a mentor, and I sincerely hope that the university will not only maintain Professor Fairbrothers as a Tuck Professor and DEN Director but also understand what a loss this would be to Dartmouth and Tuck and how much he singlehandedly enhanced students’ experiences at Tuck.

Claire Voorhees


He has been such a great mentor to so many Entrepreneurs and has built the DEN up from scratch. Entrepreneruship is such an essential part to a school system and Prof. Fairbrothers single handedly developed this Entrepreneurial environment at Dartmouth. This has been so beneficial to so many alumni and current students. It is essential for such an important person to remain integral to the Tuck and the Dartmouth community and it would be sad to see him go. Thanks!

Prateek Yanati Reddy

- Rego Park, NY

Because good people deserve good things. ANd Professor Fairbrothers does not deserve this.

Elaine Chiu

- Singapore, Singapore

I founded a start-up NGO, PAAR, at Dartmouth which raised over $200,000 in three years. Entrepreneurship matters and Prof. Fairbrothers is a great resource.

Matthew Lu

- Chicago, IL

This man changed my life! He met with me in his free time to listen to not only my entrepreneurial plans but also my general future plans. Dartmouth will not have been the same, nor as impactful had it not been for Professor Fairbrothers. I am a ’12 and I am already pursuing my own businesses in my home country thanks to Professor Fairbrothers.

Mbumbijazo Katjivena

- Windhoek, Namibia

Professor Fairbrothers has been instrumental in the launch of DEN and the city affiliates. His support was clearly demonstrated both in his work with students and entrepreneurs in Hanover, and his willingness to support our local efforts in Chicago. I am troubled by the College’s unheralded and unexplained actions, particularly in light of the success the DEN program and Professor Fairbrothers have had to date. I request that the College retain Professor Fairbrothers and the DEN program, and that a clear vision for the future of entrepreneurship at Dartmouth be developed and ennunciated with requisite visibility and stakeholder input.

N. Sebastian Bacchus T’99

- Wilmette, IL

I had the pleasure of working with Gregg while serving Tuck Entrepreneur-In-Residence. Gregg’s energy and passion for Entrepreneurship, Tuck, and Dartmouth was obvious. The students look to Gregg as a mentor and, in turn, he gives them lots of his time.

mark bobseine

- duxbury, MA

Professor Fairbrothers has been responsible for the entrepreneurial boom that Dartmouth campus has seen in recent years. He’s been an incredible influence on a number of students and alumni and it would be an absolute tragedy to lose him when such change is taking place on campus.

Michael Joseph

- Old Bridge, NJ

Prof Fairbrothers is one of the few at Dartmouth who has built an inclusive, experiential learning and networking opportunity in possibly the most important field of our time.

Kunal Arya

- Apt 15K, MA

Introduction to Entrepreneurship was one of my favorite courses I have taken as a graduate student. Gregg’s course gave me perspective about the start-up world. I have interacted with Gregg on entrepreneurship topics and he was very generous with his time and encouraged me to consider factors required for a successful start-up.

Yash Patankar

- West Lebanon, NH

Fairbrothers is an outstanding teacher and mentor and has touched the lives of countless Dartmouth stuents.

Menghan Zhao

- San Francisco, CA

Gregg is a mentor whom I respect. He’s been instrumental to my success as an entrepreneur.

Ricky Joshi

- Austin, TX

I have recently transitioned from being a Dartmouth faculty to being an entrepreneur. I consider the network setup by Prof. Fairbrothers and the whole range of initiatives led by him a fundamental asset for anybody beating the hard path of entrepreneurship. DEN appears to me as a great resource and I can’t understand why Dartmouth would be prepared to dismantle this asset.

Andrea Borsic

- Burlington, MA

Gregg was a mentor to me and played a critical role in helping me to start a company after graduating from Tuck in 2003, and he has provided the same guidance for many other members of the Dartmouth community. In the 11 years I have known Gregg, he has been instrumental in fostering a strong entrepreneurial community at Dartmouth.

Chris Pearson

- Hanover, NH

Fairbrothers is ENTREPRENEURSHIP at Dartmouth. He is simply, irreplaceable.

Laura Welch

- Arlington, VA

One of the precious professors of Tuck. Asking him to leave will be a big loss to students at Tuck.

Srini Viswanathan

- India

Professor Fairbrothers is a tremendous asset to the Dartmouth community.

Isaiah Berg


Professor Gregg Fairbrothers is irreplaceable. Though it may be hard to admit for those of us who might wish that there is a greatness about institutions which should not be dependent on any one person, I fear that Dartmouth stands to learn the hard way just how dependent on individual character it is that institutions really are. By my reckoning, Professor Fairbrothers is up there with Daniel Webster in terms of what he has done for Dartmouth. Please do not underestimate the damage that removing Professor Fairbrothers from DEN would do to the reputation, well-deserved under Professor Fairbrothers’s leadership, that Dartmouth has only recently achieved as being one of best places in the world to gain practical experience in real-world entrepreneurship.

Gerald Peters

- Japan

Truly inspirational professor who radically altered my college experience. He’s a valuable friend and mentor to any aspiring entrepreneur / intrapreneur.

Terrance Bei

- Seattle, WA

Professor Fairbrothers is a tremendous asset to the Dartmouth community. He is a great mentor as well as inordinately active in making research practical out in industry. He is one of the most accessible and active professors I have ever known.

Matthew Obenhaus

- Prairie Village, KS

Prof. Fairbrothers has been a mentor to me both during and during my post college career. He is an excellent teacher, extremely knowlegable and thoughtful, and he should be a leader in Dartmouth’s new Eship program.

Charlie Wolff

- New York, NY

Because Fairbrothers is important to Tuck.

Matt Winquist

- West Lebanon, NH

One of the rare Tuck faculty who shows much interest in the rest of the College, Professor Fairbrothers has inspired and nurtured many budding entrepreneurs (including myself) in the Thayer engineering community as well, teaching how it is the execution, not just the idea, that creates value. His departure will be a tragic loss for Dartmouth.

Scott Snyder

- Hanover, NH

This whole situation is representative of our larger issue with inclusiveness. Additionally, entrepreneurship is a cornerstone of what makes Dartmouth (and Tuck) special. Gregg is at the heart of so many of Dartmouth’s successful entrepreneurial activities.

Jennifer Tietz

- Hanover, NH

Professor Fairbrothers has helped me find my place within the entrepreneurial food space. In his intro to e-ship class I learned I needed to “kill the baby” aka. abandon my original business plan because it wasn’t a viable strategy. Now, as my FYP advisor he has helped lead our group to a strategy that will allow our founder to launch her business this summer. Professor Fairbrothers’ connections, knowledge, teachings, and advice have helped me become a better overall manager in and out of an entrepreneurial company.

Erica Johnston

- Hanover, NH

I’m an entrepreneur, and Gregg has given me invaluable guidance. He’s the heart of entrepreneurship at Dartmouth and it would be a travesty if he left!

Jennifer Chong

- Dubai, United Arab Emirates

He is a great Professor and huge positive influence to those he teaches and leads.

Lawrence Shelven

- Hanover, NH

I audited Prof. Faribrothers IENT class as a TP13. The resources available to the students and the guidance he provided was very clearly visible even to an outsider like me. Cancelling this class will definitely be a step backwards.

Amit Rao

- Carson City, NV

Parent of Dartmouth student, with great appreciation for Dartmouth and for Professor Fairbrothers.

Shelly Casale

- Redmond, WA

DEN is great – so if he started this… and is keeping it going, I think that’s valuable.

Karolyn Dector

- Vienna, VA

Prof Fairbrothers has been a point of contact and a resource for many years for me. He is open and available to support students and faculty of all disciplines, mine being medicine. He has integrity and is the quality faculty we want at Dartmouth

Sarah Johansen

- Etna, NH

I took Prof. Fairbrothers’ class at Tuck and it was a fantastic experiential class. He made a lasting difference to my understanding on how to start a new company – I am no longer threatened by the idea, which is a pretty big change for me already.

Vijai Krishnan

- San Francisco, CA

Preserving the entrepreneurship culture at Dartmouth

Andrew Wong

- Hanover, NH

Professor Fairbrothers is an important mentor to students and entrepreneurs and is a valuable asset to Tuck and to Dartmouth.

John Casey

- Etna, NH

IENT was a great course: well organized, very informative, useful and a lot of fun to take. I’m not sure of the reason for this change, but unless there any major issues that are not being made public at this time, Dartmouth should not be losing Fairbrothers. He’s a positive contributing part of the “Dartmouth experience”.

Maximillian Rogers

- Boston, MA

Professor Fairbrothers is an excellent teacher/mentor and an asset to Tuck/Dartmouth. The administration would be foolish to let him go.

Nicholas Orem

- Belmont, MA

Here is a superb and dedicated teacher, with enthusiasm and cutting edge ideas. Dartmouth should not only keep him, but promote him.

Mickey Stuart

- Dallas, TX

I audited Professor Fairbrother’s e-ship class. Professor F. treated me with so much respect and honesty, and never made me feel like an outsider as a MALS student. Professor F. is a great teacher and an asset to Dartmouth.

Zachary Williams

- Claremont, NH

I took Gregg’s e-ship class and met with him personally through the innovation program at Thayer. He’s a brilliant man and cares about the success of students and professionals alike. It is clear that none of us understand why he is being let go, but it is also clear that all of use realize what an asset he is to the college. It will be a blow to the college to lose him.

Preston Manwaring

- Farmington, UT

Audited and thoroughly benefited from Fairbrothers class on entrepreneurship twice! This helped me and my partner open a local business.

Robert Oxman

- Hanover, NH

Fairbrother is one of the most inspiring professors at Tuck. Losing him is a huge loss to the Tuck community.

liang xue

- New York, NY

Prof. Fairbrothers is a tremendous mentor who gave me countless feedback in my eship endeavor. Without Prof. Fairbrothers, Tuck’s eship network would encounter a huge loss that could hardly be made up!

Jia Chen

- Boston, WA

Seems like a horribly backwards move. Gregg’s class and community outreach was great. School should be growing this dept not shrinking it.

Jeff Dwyer

- Cambridge, MA

Professor Fairbrothers has been an invaluable resource in enabling Dartmouth entrepreneurs to fulfill their potential.

Ray Lee

- Bayside, NY

I have benefited immensely as an auditor of Gregg Fairbrothers’s introductory course on entrepeneurship!

Robert Hormann

- Melrose Park, PA

Prof Fairbrothers IS E-Ship at Tuck.

Dana Spaulding

- Lebanon, NH

Gregg convinced me to get into tech and I have enjoyed a great career under his guidance. Removing Gregg from the faculty will impact giving tremendously.

Colin Treseler

- San Francisco, CA

Gregg Fairbrothers is the best teacher and advisor I’ve ever encountered. He is wise, generous, and deeply committed to all of us who call him a mentor. Knowing him has been the highlight of my Dartmouth experience, and I wish all of my professors here could have been as engaging and accessible. Gregg’s dismissal is a tremendous loss to our community. The administration should instead point to him as an example to which all faculty members might aspire.

Bethany Mills

- Hanover, NH

Greg has been a keystone to Tuck’s Entrepreneurial program, and is an excellent professor.

Ezra Gordon

- Cambridge, MA

Prof. Fairbrothers has been an inspiration to me and an avid supporter of my current startup. It would be a travesty for Tuck to loose him!!

Anna Beck Bimba

- Fairfax, VA

Professor Fairbrothers was pivotal in making Introduction to Entrepreneurship open to the greater Dartmouth community. His insight allowed me to get back in the classroom while keeping my full time job.

Alexander Hall

- Hanover, NH

I called the DEN to confirm this news, and to inquire about any justification that might be offered. Apparently there is none. The absence of justification alone is outrageous. When someone combines the terms “Entrepreneur” and “Dartmouth” I immediately think “Gregg”. Who does not? This action seems profoundly stupid… but I am reserving my full catharsis until someone attempts to explain why this occurred.

Jason Dahlstrom

- White River Junction, VT

Meeting and learning from Professor Fairbrothers was an integral part of my time at Dartmouth and his removal will surely be viewed as a stain on our school’s great legacy.

Dustin Posey

- Hammond, LA

Was shocked to hear about this given the strategic importance of entrepreneurship at Tuck and Dartmouth. Gregg’s been a significant part of building Tuck’s solid reputation in the startup community. He provides sage wisdom and is ever ready to lend an ear or open a door.

James Smith T’03

- Milford, CT

He’s very helpful to alumni both for advice and connection. A great resource.

Lokesh Bidhan

- San Fransico, CA

He has been incredibly supportive to my daughter, Krystyna Miles D’16

Kathryn Miles

- North Salem, NY

We’ve always been lucky to have Professor Fairbrothers, and losing him now – coupled with a c

Alexander Crain

- Jupiter, FL

I am an attorney and private consultant in the local community. I specialize in curriculum development and analysis, with a focus on legal studies. I have taught courses at the college level, and have held a faculty appointment at Vermont Law School. Last year, I took the Introduction to EShip course with Gregg as a remote learner. I was very impressed with the course and with the engagement I have seen from Gregg in putting forth his best efforts for the education and betterment of Dartmouth students. I am stunned at the news that his position may be eliminated. I would expect his departure to be a significant and seemingly unnecessary loss for the College.

Dawn Dahlstrom

- White River Junction, VT

As a small business owner and Dartmouth alumna, I have twice audited Gregg’s entrepreneurship course and found it, and him, representative of the best teaching Dartmouth has to offer. I even encouraged my daughter Kathleen D12 to audit the course at Tuck, and she rated Gregg Fairbanks better as a teacher than 90% of the other teachers she had at Dartmouth. Ousting him is a bitterly disappointing move.

Colleen Meyer ‘ D77

- Marlborough, NH

Professor Fairbrothers is the only professor at Tuck (and Dartmouth) focused on experiential learning. Importantly, he advocated for entrepreneurship classes and hands-on learning far before this latest wave of start-up press made it fashionable in MBA programs. He IS entrepreneurship at Dartmouth. Nobody else exists

Micah Moreau

- Boston, MA

Professor Fairbrothers brings a current and pragmatic view on business that’s sorely lacking elsewhere at Tuck. Both his e-ship classes were two of my faves — he pushed me to be creative, innovate, and hustle! After moving to SF, I actually think his intro class should be part of the CORE! I’m not sure why he was let go, but I hope the administration will re-consider!

Jonathan TranPham

- San Francisco, CA

I took IENT twice as an alum auditor and it helped me launch two ventures. Professor Fairbanks is an excellent teacher.

Marina McClure

- Brooklyn, NY

Gregg is a role model individual and teacher who made an impact on my thinking at Dartmouth.

Connie Shang

- New York, NY

Gregg has been THE driving force to establish an entrepreneurship curriculum at Tuck and a Dartmouth focused entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Upper Valley and in multiple cities across the US. This is a vital addition to Dartmouth’s academic offerings and community, and Gregg should be included in the leadership of Dartmouth’s entrepreneurship graduate and undergraduate programs at the College going forward. He is a mentor and advocate for the entrepreneurial minded Dartmouth community and Dartmouth will be stronger for having him continue as a professor and leader at the College.

Jennifer Gabler

- Westport, CT

Gregg has served as a mentor throughout my time at Geisel and Tuck. Through Gregg, I have learned to be entrepreneurial, which is a trait I will be able to apply to all facets of my career and life. Losing him at Dartmouth will be an enormous disservice to current and future students.

Ilya Bendich

- Hanover, NH

Professor Fairbrothers is an amazing mentor and an asset to the community

Nashley Mascarenhas

- Hanover, NH

Because Professor Fairbrothers gives of himself and his time to support many students in very worthwhile endeavors !!!

Alice Johnson

- Portland, OR

Gregg is a uniquely invaluable teacher, mentor, advisor, friend

David Dawley


I took Gregg’s class in 2011 and have been developing my ideas ever since!

Matthew Strand

- Old Saybrook, CT

He is a great professor and helped found Tray Bien

Madison Miles

- North Salem, NY

Through his tireless efforts, the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network has become a platform for business cooperation not only among Dartmouth alumni, but also between Dartmouth alumni and current students. Professor Fairbrothers’ skilled leadership has shown the way for many aspiring entrepreneurs both at the College and in incubators throughout the country.

Keith Rosten

- Washington, DC

He is an alumni of GDX and there is no reason for him to be laid off.

Sawyer Whalen

- Woodinville, WA

Prof Fairbrothers’ class was my first real introduction to Entrepreneurship 10 years ago and taught me many valuable lessons about starting a business. I also know many other Dartmouth friends who have benefited from his advice and launched successful tech ventures. If anything, the college should be EXPANDING his role, not closing it down.

Daniela Osorio

- New York, NY

Gregg Fairbrothers is one of the most inclusive professors at Dartmouth, and most certainly at Tuck. He encourages not only innovative thinking, but collaboration with colleagues across disciplines and academic programs. His absence will weaken Dartmouth, and should concern every student and alum who values entrepreneurship.

Erin O’Flaherty

- Ronkonkoma, NY

Greg is a proven leader and an tremendous asset to the entire D community and he should be allowed to continue in his current position

Brain Miles

- North Salem, NY

There would literally be no one at TUck who supported E-ship if he left. Everyone would end up a management consultant.

Elizabeth Kelton

- Boston, MA

I audited Gregg’s IENT class in January, my first class at Dartmouth and I was very impressed. I thought wow, I’ve never seen learning opportunities like this before, incorporating working entrepreneurs sharing their real life experiences. It was clear they came to talk to us because of their relationship with Gregg. Probably because they learned from him the importance of giving back. I think he a great asset to the college and it would be unfortunate to lose him.

Darla Bruno

- Canton, OH

Gregg has been a mentor to me and my family since my Sister, Maia Josebachvili (D’05) started Urban Escapes – an adventure travel company for young professionals. The idea was inspired by Dartmouth’s DOC trips and was successful in large part due to Gregg’s wisdom and guidance. We successfully sold the business in 2010 and thank Gregg for his support throughout the venture. Keep Gregg Fairbrothers at Dartmouth — he is one of a kind.

Dan Josebachvili

- New York, NY

As an entrepreneur, Dartmouth employee and long time community member, Gregg’s work and passion for the subject have brought me to the next level. I can’t imagine DEN without him! The time he takes to meet with us individually with no reward is unprecendented!

Ellen Stender

- South Royalton, VT

Gregg’s commitment to current students, Tuck and Dartmouth alumni and the community are exemplary. His reach is global – a real goodwill ambassador for Tuck. Gregg teaches and encourages disciplined risk, hard work and a cross-disciplinary approach to problem solving. I have been fortunate to attend Gregg’s IENT course, the exposure to his line up of guests and his materials have been of great value to me as I launch a global B2B marketplace. Ann Shriver Sargent Tuck Ex Ed 07

ann Shriver Sargent

- Norwich, VT

Gregg is an engaging, expert teacher and entrepreneur. I audited his course and so appreciated the opportunity to participate and be exposed to the wide range of speakers he brings in to enhance the learning experience.

Catharine Clay

- Woodstock, VT

I’m an Entrepreneur, a Recovering VC and an Adjunct Professor in Entrepreneurship at UVA. Gregg Fairbrothers is the guy I’ve learned the most from about how to be good at all of those roles. He’s a national treasure. If I could pick ONE Professor to have in the room with me, anywhere, anytime, in front of any audience – Fairbrothers is that Professor. Hands-down, no questions, Period. End of discussion.

Brendan Richardson

- Charlottesville, VA

Prof Fairbrothers let me audit Intro to Entrepreneurship as a Dartmouth undergrad and it was one of my favorite classes and piqued my interest in business.

Elizabeth Bhattacharyya

- Memphis, TN

Gregg has been a mentor and friend to numerous entrepreneurs, especially myself. He has done the job to help startups and is the best person to promote entrepreneurship for Dartmouth.

Frank Qiu

- Cambridge, MA

Professor Fairbrothers was my favorite professor at Tuck, and his commitment to his students, both while at Tuck and after graduation, is unparalleled. His class was my favorite, and he spent considerable time with students both in and out of the classroom. He taught entrepreneurship through experiential learning, and he inspired students. He was always looking for feedback on his courses and ways to improve, even coming down to NY to meet with students after graduation to see what enhancements he could make to the program. He is a mentor, and I sincerely hope that the university will not only maintain Professor Fairbrothers as a Tuck Professor and DEN Director but also understand what a loss this would be to Dartmouth and Tuck and how much he singlehandedly enhanced students’ experiences at Tuck.

Claire Voorhees

- New York, NY

Dartmouth ’05, Tuck ’12

Kelly Sennatt

- Hanover, NH

Gregg is an outstanding mentor, gifted teacher and an inspiration for all of us on the faculty. He embodies all the best about experiential learning and translational research at Dartmouth. Letting Gregg go would be a huge loss to the Dartmouth community. Lisa Schwartz & Steven Woloshin Professors of Medicine & Community and Family Medicine, Dartmouth Medical School and Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice.

Lisa Schwartz

- norwich, VT

Entrepreneurship is the future of society and the economy. Gregg is creating that future, one Dartmouth student at a time.

Noah Glick

- Denver, CO

Gregg is an outstanding mentor, gifted teacher and an inspiration for all of us on the faculty. He embodies all the best about experiential learning and translational research at Dartmouth. Letting Gregg go would be a huge loss to the Dartmouth community. Lisa Schwartz & Steven Woloshin Professors of Medicine & Community and Family Medicine, Dartmouth Medical School and Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice.

Steven Woloshin

- Norwich, VT

I know Gregg personally

Diego Fernandez-Soto

- Miami, FL

Prof. Fairbrothers opened the course online to alums like myself, providing inspiration and practical advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Prof. Fairbrothers exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit and puts Dartmouth on the map in this much needed and growing area of study. The DEN is invaluable, and so is its founder. – Christine Devane ’04

Christine Devane

- Chicago, IL

I audited Fairbrother’s e-ship class while a grad student at Dartmouth. I am an entrepreneur and it’s a rare week that passes that I don’t reference something learned in his course.

Jeff Sharpe

- Brooklyn, NY

Gregg is the best professor and mentor at Dartmouth. I would not be where I am without him.

Andrew Schuman

- Lee, NH

Experiential learning is the foundation of future higher education success. Prof Fairbrother’s work has only begun.

Elizabeth Kelly

- Fort Worth, TX

I would never have accomplished my dream of starting a medical device company without the invaluable support, knowledge and contacts I received from Gregg. His services differentiate Dartmouth from other schools in a unique and valuable way. Please, keep Gregg!

Aaron Gjerde

- Saint Paul, MN

Fairbrothers is excellent. Should without a doubt be kept at Dartmouth.

Allan Jackson

- Canton, OH

Gregg was a key figure in my undergraduate experience, both through his Intro to Entrepreneurship course and as an advisor to a student-founded company I was involved with. I can’t imagine Dartmouth without him.

Chris McMillan

- San Francisco, CA

Raising Dartmouth focus on entrepreneurship is very important and Prof Fairbrothers is a critical part of any such initiative.

Sudeep Deshpande

- Santa Clara, CA

Prof. Fairbrothers’ class was one of the best and most useful I took during my time at Dartmouth.

Joseph Zabinski

- Atlanta, GA

Greg is an inspiring teacher. His entrepreneurship class is excellent. I was honored to have the opportunity to audit this class as an online student this winter. I looked forward to the class every week. I signed up for the class to help test the online class model and Professor Fairbrothers inspired me to start a new company.

Melissa Caswell

- Palo Alto, CA

Gregg Fairbrothers is a great teacher. I took his on-line class this winter/spring and loved it. He is very well-respected for his leadership in Entrepreneurship. His book, From Idea to Success, has truly helped me in my work.

Susan Marki

- La Canada, CA

Professor Gregg is the best professor I ever had.

Gentrit Gojani

- Prishtine, Kosovo

One of the most influential professors I had at Tuck. I cannot figure why Tuck and Dartmouth would not do everything under their power to keep him around.

James Marett

- Cambridge, MA

This is crazy. Who else can be better than Professor Gregg Fairbrothers. I’m very disappointing

ela goxhaj

- Tirane, Albania

Fairbrothers was the only person whom I could go to when I was starting a company at Tuck. I am a T’12, and I was in Hanover not long ago, and when I first joined Tuck, I was disappointed by the lack of support for entrepreneurship at Tuck, until I discovered Gregg. Becoming a founder has become “cool” these days, but it was Fairbrothers who stuck by it and lend ears to me when I needed them the most. Little things like this are far more valuable than one can imagine. I can go on and on about why Dartmouth needs Fairbrothers, but I will say in short that if he is gone, it will be a deep loss for us, the entrepreneur community. His job is not the same as of a conventional teacher, and if one assumes that entrepreneurship can be taught in classrooms, I have some news for them. May be they should for a change try to build something from scratch.

Ipshita Jain

- Concord, MA

Gregg has done great work with DEN and entreprenuer courses at Tuck. Numerous Tuck students who work with our Club DCCO have mentioned what a great impact Greg has had on their lives.

Charles Winslow

- Columbus, OH

Prof Fairbrothers is such a key part of the Entrepreneurship community, not to mention he was a great part of the Tuck community, hosting student dinners at his house. Forcing him out is shameful. And a huge loss for the students coming behind me.

Ashley Hosford

- Dunn Loring, VA

Gregg has provided courses and lectures to non-Tuck students to nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship in the greater Dartmouth community. His contributions are beyond quantitative, and his departure will undoubtedly be regressive in our learning experience at Dartmouth.

Dae Gon Ha

- Hanover, NH

Professor Fairbrothers’ care for students has significantly reshaped my paradigm for what a professor is. Gregg does not just give lectures (though his classroom teaching is incredibly effective and well-received): he gets to know students, invests in them, and seeks to develop them as whole people; he imparts wisdom and not just knowledge. I have worked with him on a number of entrepreneurship initiatives since coming to Dartmouth, and strongly hope that future Dartmouth and Tuck students will have the opportunity to learn from him as well.

Andrew Zulker

- Hanover, NH

Professor Fairbrothers is an extremely knowledgeable and passionate instructor who willing to give of his time to advance entrepreneurial ideas. As a T10 Partner, I was surprised at how willing he was to discuss a couple of ideas and give great feedback. Losing this resource, and upstanding person, would be a huge hit to Tuck and only serve to strengthen the competition. Not a sound strategy.

Brian Hosford

- Dunn Loring, VA

Gregg is the epitome of experiential learning and made a huge impact on me and many other Dartmouth alums. The college should be doing everything it can to promote and enable Gregg, rather than eliminate him. It’s scary that Dartmouth can make these kind of decisions, as it seems completely divorced from the impact and quality of education provided by Gregg.

Josh Gould

- Washington, DC

I first met Professor Fairbrothers while reporting a series on entrepreneurship at Dartmouth in 2008. Long before experiential learning became our goal, Fairbrothers was encouraging his students to do it. I audited his intro to entrepreneurism class this winter, and have told fellow alums interested in starting businesses to reach out to him. He’s an incredible asset to the College, and the Administration should either explain their decision or reverse it.

Susan Matthews

- Brooklyn, NY

I have had nothing but positive experiences with Professor Fairbrothers, and have found him a wonderful catalyst between Tuck students and Dartmouth alums. And as a member of DEN, I admire his innovative real world approach to teaching & learning.

Bill Replogle

- Leesburg, VA

Gregg is the best. This is a travesty.

John Rollins ’66

- Washington, DC

Professor Fairbrothers has been a personal inspiration to me, and his advice was instrumental in helping me launch my own business after graduating from Dartmouth. I also audited his Intro to Entrepreneurship coursed last year where I had the pleasure of receiving career & life altering advice every week.

A.J. Stonehouse

- Washington, DC

Professor Fairbrothers is a passionate champion of students and young entrepreneurs. His eagerness to engage with students and commit to their growth is an asset to the Dartmouth community. Gregg’s departure would leave a significant void in Tuck’s entrepreneurial curriculum.

Silas Howland

- Cambridge, MA

Gregg is a great professor and, I believe, a better professor of e-ship than e-ship professors at other top business schools based on personal conversations I’ve had with current students at other institutions. It would be a shame to lose such an asset to not only DEN/Dartmouth/Tuck/Thayer but also the greater Hanover community.

Jaimie Sarrault

- Hanover, NH

I am a Dartmouth alumnus who has worked with Prof. Fairbrothers and his students on several projects through DEN and consider this an important program for Dartmouth Students

Andrew Cernota

- Nashua, NH

Gregg has been a wonderful mentor to me and to so many Dartmouth students, faculty and alumni. His ability to catalyze learning and achievement among the teams he works with is a great asset to Dartmouth and one that I hope will be preserved.

Mac Dougherty

- Needham, MA

Gregg is amazing and has helped me develop my business here in Kosovo and as well as find new clients. Because of him I now employ 6 people in just a year time.

Dardan Lajqi

- Pristina, Kosovo, Albania

Gregg is part of the reason we have an entrepreneurial culture at Tuck and in the greater Dartmouth community.

Chuck Toye

- Boston, MA

Gregg is a great mentor, professor, and proponent of experiential learning. He has a vast amount of advice and wisdom regarding success in business and entrepreneurship. Gregg is a valuable asset to the college.

Braden James

- Pelsor, AR

Gregg has been a mentor and friend for over 10 years. He advised me on the funding strategy for my start-up, and provided constant support throughout the process. Gregg’s real world experience combined with his desire to help students and the broader Dartmouth community is a resource that Dartmouth simply can not lose.

Lisa Kable D’90

- Norwich, VT

Gregg is a great asset to Tuck – this is a bad decision

Robert Reiling

- Minneapolis, MN

Dartmouth is known for its exceptional professors. Professor Fairbrothers is one of the most exceptional ones and without him Thayer wouldn’t be as incredible as it is. Losing him is unacceptable.

Zonia Moore

- Hanover, NH

Professor Fairbrothers was a key in helping me understand how to pitch my idea, improve my presentation skills and develop and business plan. He really gave me entrepreneurial spirit that I didn’t get anyplace else at Dartmouth. His contributions are so widespread, as he mentors students on projects throughout the school.

Joey Anthony

- austin, TX

I am a Dartmouth ’08, current HBS MBA student, and budding entrepreneur. My education at Dartmouth prepared me to succeed in business, which has led me to Harvard Business School and into entrepreneurship. The reasons for Prof. Fairbrothers’ dismissal should be made clear to the Dartmouth community, and the conversation should take place in a public manner. It’s embarrassing the school should eliminate such a distinguished faculty member.

Laura Little

- Boston, MA

Gregg has been a great leader of DEN

Mark Caron

- Ridgewood, NJ

Fairbrothers should most certainly be retained because he is an amazing professor in a critical subject matter who brings a down-to-earn approach to his teaching that is widely advertised as a defining characterstic of Dartmouth professors, but hard to actually find on campus.

reginald williams

- hanover, NH

hes a great professor

Gabriella Starkey

- Hanover, NH

He’s the guy for entrepreneurship, period.

Eric Wu

- New York, NY

Gregg has had a huge impact and is very effective!

Eric Johnson

- Nashville, TN

Tuck 08 and massive supporter of Gregg!

Jason Freedman

- SF, CA

I took Professor Fairbrother’s entrepreneurship class online a few years ago. Not only was the class well taught, but he made himself available to hundreds of students who were not physically present on campus.

James Cart

- Brooklyn, NY

Great teaching. That matters more than politics.

Jennifer Nguyen

- Hanover, NH

Prof. Fairbrothers is a great prof and a great person. Leader in his field. Bring him back!

Renata Hegyi

- Hanover, NH

Gregg Fairbrothers has been THE driver of entrepreneurial culture across the Dartmouth Network

Geoff Hatheway D81

- Armonk, NY

Fairbrothers has been an awesome point of contact for undergrads and generous with his time. He has made a lasting impact on the Dartmouth entrepreneurial community and should continue to do so.

Min Kim

- Palo Alto, CA

Because he is awesome

Jonathan Marinelli

- Hanover, NH

I am the Director of Business Operations & General Counsel of a VC-backed startup. It is unfathomable to me that Dartmouth would fire the person most associated with entrepreneurship education at Dartmouth. My understanding is that this is a political decision based on the whims of the recent $100M donor. Shame. Shame.

ildar gelman

- New York, NY

Dear President Hanlon, To my displeasure, I was welcomed this morning by emails concerning the departure of my fellow Dartmouth Alum, friend, mentor and adviser, Gregg Fairbrothers. Before the administration finalizes its decision to separate itself from Gregg, I felt it necessary to request that you rethink this course of action, and intervene to grant Gregg the opportunity to continue operating in his current position at Tuck and as the ED of the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network (DEN). As a former undergrad of Dartmouth and engineering student of Thayer, I did not know Gregg personally. However, after graduating from Dartmouth and beginning my journey as an inventor and entrepreneur, I was able to build a friendship with Gregg that I would credit with helping me reach the place I am today with my business, PrintLess Plans. For inexperienced entrepreneurs, there are many pitfalls that are easy to fall into, and must be avoided to have any chance of success. And as a minority, these challenges are amplified because the world is a little less forgiving to people that do not resemble those that maintain the status quo. That is why correct thinking and sound advice are paramount, especially when trying to discern the proper path to take as an entrepreneur. Knowledge is power, and access to knowledge needed for proper execution is generally the deciding factor between success and failure. Gregg understands these truths, and believes it is his personal mission to ensure that EVERYONE brave enough to make the leap into entrepreneurship has access to the tools to be successful. Whether I was in need of advice regarding some obscure business concept, needed help trying to raise funding, needed introductions to local Dartmouth Alums who shared Gregg’s values and believed it their personal responsibility to help pass the torch of success principles to the next generation, Gregg was always there to lend me a helping hand. Though I did not always feel the Dartmouth I attended was completely inclusive, I do feel that the DEN community that Gregg has helped build is representative of what Dartmouth should and can be if more people like Gregg make it their mission to continually add value back to the Dartmouth Community. I only hope you truly understand what a loss it would be for Dartmouth and the community to lose Gregg. I ask that you would reconsider your decision, and remember that if it is truly Dartmouth’s mission to change her image, and evolve as this great country continues to evolve, members of the community, such as Gregg, will be indispensable and invaluable to this mission. I have also attached this email in letter form, and only ask that you would intervene as anyone should when a wrong is being committed. May God continue to bless the College on the Hill!

Jonathan Meyers

- White Marsh, MD

I have only met Professor Fairbrothers a few times, but his passion for serving Christ by serving us students was immediately evident. In the few conversations we had, he told me the importance of serving as a positive role model in the community. His warm personality and unwavering stewardship of his advisees is an inspiration. I only hope I could be as magnificent a mentor as he is one day.

Ellen Weburg

- Hanover, NH

Professor Fairbrothers has been an inspiration to my journey at Dartmouth. The time that he sat down during his office hours to give me life advice still lingers in my mind when I think of the influential people I have encountered at Dartmouth. I urge the administration to reconsider Professor Fairbrothers and the lasting contribution he has made to the student body.

Sarah Wang

- Hanover, NH

Gregg Fairbrothers is a wonderful professor who cares a lot about students. He is also incredibly successful and is a huge asset to Tuck and to the student body

Brandon Gill

- Clyde, TX

Gregg’s IENT class was the best class I have taken at Tuck. He has also been my most engaged, inspirational and accessible professor. Tuck and Dartmouth need more people like him, not fewer.

Nick Lamson

- West Lebanon, NH

I am a PhD student at OSU who met Gregg through a Dartmouth Alumna. Every conversation I’ve had with Gregg has changed the way I think about my field, even though I don’t usually consider myself an entrepreneur. His influence has extended far beyond Dartmouth, and I can only hope the administration there can see his value.

Laura Marshall

- Columbus, OH

Prof. Fairbrothers is an exceptional man of intelligence and ability, and he is a true asset to the College. The quality of his teaching, mentorship, and passion for student (and alumni) progress has benefited Dartmouth beyond measure. Gregg has given passionately and willingly to the Dartmouth community, and Dartmouth must reciprocate in line with our core values. We must maintain Prof. Fairbrothers.

Armin Ellis

- La Canada, CA

I’ve been to two of Professor Fairbrothers’ ENGS 21 lectures on intellectual property / patent law, each of which were fantastic. He’s engaging and authoritative–not a person the College should let go of.

Benjamin Parker

- Germany

Because it’s important to someone important to me.

Andrew Stanciu

- Bucharest, Romania

Fairbrothers is the most supportive professor I ever had!

Mimoza Selmani

- Pristina, Kosovo

Prof Fairbrothers was the most actively interested and engaged professor I have ever had. Truly a life changing class and experience

Kristopher Jorgenson

- Hanover, NH

I am the president of the DEN CT Chapter, and Gregg is the founder of DEN. He, and his leadership, are the main reasons why I have volunteered my time to forward the mission of the DEN.

Drew Lambert

- Stamford, CT

Gregg is an extraordinary teacher, scholar, and mentor. Gregg is also a bridge, he connects Dartmouth people which has helped to build and strengthen the Dartmouth network. Gregg is a team player. Other institutions want to emulate what Gregg has done at Dartmouth. Simply put, Gregg makes Dartmouth a far better for students, alums, faculty, and staff.

Sandy Rozyla

- Warren, NH

Being part of Dartmouth Entrepreneurship Network is an opportunity that comes once a lifetime. Especially when you have attended the program in Tuck School of Business, one of the best universities in the Planet, lectured by Professor Gregg Fairbrothers, a great person, a fantastic mentor, who has a very rich background in business, made this experience more valuable. Turning the ideas into business by “working hard in a simple way”, changed me the way of doing business. That’s why DEN is important. Participating in Dartmouth activities, meeting a lot of people, expanding networks and talking with entrepreneurs who shared their experiences with us was really great and very helpful in the same time. I really enjoyed the time working on projects with my team, 9 amazing friends, whom have the spirit of entrepreneurs make me believe we can turn those ideas into successful companies. I want to thank Gregg, Bill, Susie, Laura, Catalina and for helping and giving me continues support to be part of this program.

Refation Dobi

- Tirana, Albania

Gregg Fairbrothers is how the entire Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network even exists, which has been the most important organization for expanding entrepreneurship among Dartmouth students and alumni over the last many years. He has helped so many startups to succeed and to give back to the Dartmouth community. He’s always willing to give back, get involved and help any student or alum.

Ali Hyatt

- Brookline, MA

I am the president of the DEN Boston chapter. I volunteer my time to the DEN cities initiative because I believe it embodies the best of Dartmouth’s giving, accomplished, and productive alumni community. These qualities are the embodiment of DEN’s founder, Gregg Fairbrothers. At a time when Dartmouth most needs to advance its entrepreneurial agenda to maintain competitiveness in the field of higher education, the dismissal of one of its founding fathers is irresponsible and misguided.

John Sullivan

- Boston, MA

Gregg is the only reason Entrepreneurship had a presence at Tuck. We wouldn’t even be a competitor with other Top 10 e-ship schoold without him. As entrepreneurship continues to grow as a critical part of the Top 10 Business school curriculum, Tuck will be chasing the pack without Gregg.

Amy Hudson

- Calgary, Canada

Gregg is one of the best professors and persons I’ve met at Tuck

Camilo Carellan

- Hanover, NH

He represents entrepreneurship at Dartmouth!

Joshua Wang

- Hanover, NH

I count Gregg as one of my few mentors. I audited his entrepreneurship course as an undergrad, took it again for credit while doing my masters in engineering management, and started my own internet marketing agency 2.5 years ago after a couple other ventures. At a school like Dartmouth which is committed to a liberal arts education, we need programs like the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network and leaders like Gregg Fairbrothers to help students move from “reading books” to “finding ideas to solve problems” to “taking action.” You need educators that have lived a life of “doing” and “getting things done” to set an example and inspire students to take a risk and try it out. Gregg is a rare individual and Dartmouth cannot lose him.

John Turner

- Los Angeles, CA

Professor Fairbrothers had a great impact on the education of my daughter. Once she was back from the BI/DEN program she was a different person. Her mindset was transformed by the way how she is tackling opportunities and figuring her way throughout.

Nderime Sahatqija

- Kosovo, Albania

I do not know Professor Fairbrothers personally, but from the way my friends rave about his grounded intellect and dedication to students, it would be a shame not to have the opportunity to take one of his classes.

Brian McGahie

- Boylston, MA

Because Professor Fairbrothers is a valuable asset that Dartmouth should have. I consider myself lucky to have meet him and studied in his class. It is a great loss for Dartmouth College, and a devastation for our future generations.

Leke Zherka

- Gjakove, Kosovo

Great teacher!

Todd Steiner

- Venice, CA

Connecting the College to the real world and, more importantly, to its alumni base, is critical. The DEN is an important outreach tool and the College would be very short-sighted indeed to lose this individual unless there is a serious breach of trust of some sort.

Suzanne Gilman

- Pasadaena, CA

Professor Fairbrothers has been an amazing mentor and the best teacher. He has really inspired me to pursue my interest in entrepreneurship. His devotion has made an incredible impact on campus and he is a tremendous part of what makes Dartmouth special. It is devastating to hear that he will no longer be part of Tuck and I think Dartmouth and Tuck will both suffer tremendously losing such an essential and inspiring professor.

Jenny Juarez


Professor Fairbrothers is the foundation of entrepreneurship at Tuck. I can only think that if he leaves then e-ship at the business school will suffer.

Keith DellaGrotta

- Hanover, NH

Professor Fairbrothers is a driving force for E-Ship here at Dartmouth. We need to keep him or explain how we are going to replace him.

Zach Hogan

- West Lebanon, NH

A leader, amazing teacher, whose skills extend much beyond the Tuck community to benefit students at the medical school and TDI.

Stephanie Rolin

- Lebanon, NH

A professor so special his students do ALL THIS to keep him from leaving must be worth fighting for.

Calin Ackerman

- Houston, TX

Gregg has been a professor, an advisor, a mentor, and a friend to me, but also to countless other classmates. I think it’s outrageous that he’s being ousted over political issues. Gregg deserves a better fate than this.

Joshua Feng

- Norwich, VT

Gregg is the soul of entrepreneurship at Tuck, and IENT is one of the best Tuck experiences that I talk about. Dartmouth community can’t afford to lose Mr.Fairbrothers!

Arpitha Dhanapathi

- Hanover, NH

Great students wind up with good jobs. Great Entrepreneurs launch the companies that provide those good jobs. Professor Fairbrothers is focused on helping great students become great entrepreneurs. He goes above and beyond, and does so much more for his students than most tenured academic professors do.

Jesse Toronto

- Walpole, MA

Prof. Fairbrothers has the enthusiasm and knowledge to foster entrepreneurial spirit for students interested in starting their own company or with an interested in start ups. He had a great positive influence on me during a intro course and I hope Tuck support him as a very valuable asset for their academic environment.

Jenny Mathilde Nordby

- Hanover, NH

Dr. Fairbrothers changed my life in a 5 minute conversation.

Sibylle Gorla

- Boise, ID

Reinforcing entrepreneurial spirit by teaching with professional experience.

Elios Kovaci

- Tirana, Albania

I had the opportunity to take Fairbrothers’ intro. to e-ship class. Fairbrothers has a great passion for e-ship and helping students. He met with every single group in the class to help them develop their business idea. Fairbrothers has been an incredible asset to the Tuck community and losing him would unquestionably be a negative development for the school.

Michael Kasper

- Baltimore, MD

As I considered launching a business after school, access to Gregg Fairbrothers was a major consideration that made me confident that I might succeed. He has proven to be arguably the best connected, most accessible professor I have ever had. He seems to do an extraordinary job at balancing the rigorous demands of his role with genuine concern for the welfare and development of his students. I can’t imagine why Dartmouth would be willing to see him go.

Evan Ross

- Hanover, NH

Prof. Fairbrothers is without a doubt the most brilliant person I have had the fortune to meet. He is my mentor and the main reason I now understand and love entrepreneurship. Dartmouth Tuck School of Business will suffer a great lose if it goes through with the elimination of his position.

Drenusha Myha

- Pristina, Albania

Gregg Fairbrothers represents the best of Dartmouth and to dismiss him this way is unconscionable.

Luanne Zurlo

- New York, NY

As an alum of Dartmouth and one who has been personally impacted by Professor Fairbrothers, it would be a tragedy if Dartmouth let him leave. Dartmouth should be bringing the best and brightest to its halls, not forcing them out!

Nicholas Wimer

- Boulder, CO

Professor Fairbrothers has been instrumental in my Tuck experience and in my ability to launch my real estate investment business after graduation. Fairbrothers knows everyone and is known by everyone. It would be a shame if the school didn’t have his institutional knowledge and network at its finger tips.

Benjie Moll

- Hanover, NH

Gregg has been a tremendous mentor and advocate for me. My company would not be a success without him.

Jeff DeFlavio

- Lebanon, NH

Professor Fairbrothers is an incredible mentor to me and so many others. He has shaped my Dartmouth experience and has taught me how to see the world through in an entrepreneurial way. When President Hanlon talks about how we need to teach wisdom in the university the first person I think of who already does this is Professor Fairbrothers. He’s a servant leader, a team-player, a mentor, and exceptional Professor. He embodies an ethos of experiential learning and “pay it forwards.”

Hilary Johnson

- Portland, OR

I have worked on many projects with Gregg and believe he is a great teacher/mentor.

Joseph Gigliotti

- Hanover, NH

Fairbrothers has been an amazing teacher, and is a great resource for those who want to pursue entrepreneurship.

Christine Hou

- Hanover, NH

I benefited from the entrepreneurial attitude he brought to Dartmouth and I continue to bring it to my work in public health

Kelsey Byrd

- Vinalhaven, ME

Gregg Fairbrothers is one of the assets that Dartmouth should be proud of not get rid of. His passion for teaching, his dedication to its students and his knowledge and skills should be rewarded. Please take into consideration the lives he touched and futures he changed and the good he could do if he will be in charge with the program he created for this college. And who knows, it may be your child who would benefit from his teachings, because I know that my child’s life is much better after she took his class. In conclusion, please keep Professor Gregg Fairbrothers in the program that not only he created but it made it to be one of the most successful of its kind.

Doina Gorla

- Nampa, ID

Gregg has been an amazing teacher and mentor. I’ve learned a lot from him.

Mikalai Martsul

- Hanover, NH

Professor Gregg Fairbrothers has been an amazing mentor. I will always be thankful that i’ve gained entrepreneurial lessons from him.

Hana Hoxha

- Gjakova, Kosovo, Serbia

Professor Fairbrother has been an asset to the Christian community at Dartmouth, and has been such driving force behind the Apologia. I’ve never seen a professor who cares more about his students.

Abigail Thornburg

- Hanover, NH

Professor Fairbrothers has been a major major part of my growth at dartmouth as an entrepreneur and as a person.

James Furnary

- France

Because Professor Gregg Fairbrothers has been such an asset to Dartmouth. He should be greatly valued.

Millie Gilbert

- Middleton, ID

Gregg has become a dear mentor to me. He has helped me think critically about what matters most to me and how to translate that into my future career goals. As an undergraduate student, I could have never expected to build such a wonderful, hopefully lifelong relationship with a Tuck professor, a professor who not only sympathize with Dartmouth undergraduates (as he was an undergraduate himself) but indeed has made it his central mission at Dartmouth to mentor students and help develop them into the best versions of themselves. Anyone who has talk to Gregg even just a little bit will remember a favorite phrase, a phrase that should be so dear to our College with its pride in its community: “When it comes to success, it’s all about the people.” Gregg lives this everyday.

Chris Hauser

- Hanover, NH

1. I have personally benefited from the experience and expertise of Prof. Fairbrothers. He takes extra time for his students and guides them to achieve success in their ventures. 2. His connections in the greater Dartmouth network and in the new england region are phenomenal. He introduced me to 2 VCs and 1 VP at a big etailer to promote my startup idea. 3.Personally, he cares a lot about improving the entrepreneurship scene at Dartmouth.

Pavan Kumar Oruganti

- Hanover, NH

Gregg is the most approachable professor I’ve had a Tuck. But we would lose more than just a great man, teacher, and mentor, we would lose all the entrepreneurship momentum that he has built through his time here.

Scott Keenan

- Hanover, NH

Professor Fairbrothers has done an amazing job as the faculty advisor to the Dartmouth Apologia!

Robert Smith

- Arlington, VA

Gregg Fairbrothers is the best Dartmouth professor I have ever known.

Alex Mercado

- Columbia, MD

Professor Fairbrothers has taught me to live life with an entrepreneurial spirit. He has been an invaluable mentor to me, and has provided me with skills that I will take wherever I go. He takes the time to meet with anyone and everyone because he sincerely cares. He has an incredibly strong passion for teaching entrepreneurship, and I cannot thank him enough for his support.

Krystyna Miles

- Hanover, NH

Gregg’s mentorship saturated my learning and growing experience at Dartmouth and beyond with hands-on learning experience and deep self-reflections, critically challenging my real-life decisional blind spots time after time.

Yichuan Wang

- Hanover, NH

Gregg Fairbrothers could not be more important to the Dartmouth Institution. Without his continued leadership the institution will spiral into another decade of academia. Both students and Alumni alike appreciate his mentorship, support and engagement. The administration could not have missed the mark more on this decision.

Luke Chapman

- Boston, MA

Professor Fairbrothers’ work forms a critical pillar beneath Tuck’s core competencies in teaching, entrepreneurship, and real world experiential management education.

Alejandro Crawford

- New York, NY

Gregg Fairbrothers is the heart and soul of entrepreneurship and mentoring at Tuck.

David Hendren

- Medfield, MA

He has always been enthusiastic and willing to assist us growing Merchant Mechanics. He is the original “shark tank” of one!

Kimberly cl

- Canaan, NH