At Dartmouth, a Point Man for Entrepreneurs is Cut Out

Originally published: Hanover — The man who has been closely associated with Dartmouth College’s cultivation of business innovation for the past decade won’t be part of the effort moving forward. Gregg Fairbrothers, who started the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network in 2001 and has taught courses on entrepreneurship at the Tuck School of Business since 2004, [...]

The Professor and the Market

Originally published: Can higher education build real market-feedback mechanisms? In his inaugural address last September, Dartmouth College President Philip J. Hanlon emphasized that “we must fully harness the power of experiential learning – learning by doing.” Such learning, which challenges students to test their ideas in practice and refine them in light of experience, [...]

Fairbrothers’ Tuck departure prompts petition, backlash

Originally published: Gregg Fairbrothers ’76, the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network’s founding director who teaches at the Tuck School of Business, will officially leave Tuck June 30. Students, alumni and faculty have rallied as news spread, circulating a petition that garnered over 270 signatures as of press time to keep Fairbrothers at Dartmouth. Fairbrothers, who has [...]